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Year 13 Day 266 1:31
Hunters, can you tell me if my scanner will pick up dropped items/trophies (ie from a few squares away in scanner range) OR do I have to move to the square I killed them in and then they appear?



Year 13 Day 266 1:34
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Items show up on your map no matter the scanner range.

Year 13 Day 266 2:46
Thanx Ten !!


Year 13 Day 309 1:22
Creature Drops. I have been hunting for about a week and kill a few creatures but still I have not had any drops. How often do they drop items?


Year 13 Day 309 1:24
I killed a squad of Nunas and got a Claw drop, first creatures I killed in months. I think it depends on what creatures you are hunting and how many of them are in the squad, things that go alone I'd imagine they drop little.


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Year 13 Day 309 1:30
Chancy Mandu

the smaller creatures will drop more frequently, but like bandit drops its low odds of getting a drop.

Year 13 Day 309 6:43
Krey Merr

All creatures seem to have ~5% chance of dropping a trophy.

Mysterious eggs on the other hand have a decreasing drop rate based on creature size. If it is 5% for tiny creatures expect it to be something much less for huge and colossal creatures.

Year 13 Day 309 19:27
I have now killed about 100 creatures and have had 4 drops with none being an egg.

Bandits seem to drop about twice as frequently for me but maybe thats just pot luck?


Year 13 Day 309 21:32
Just luck. It is indeed 5% across the board, so while you may get a couple in a row, you may also kill for days without seeing anything. The joy of probability. :p



Year 13 Day 357 11:04
Ka`rla Leakey

The thread title appears relevant to my question so will ask here rather than start a new thread.

Did a claim procedure ever get implemented to be able to gain ownership of Bandit drops? If it has then details would be nice.

Year 13 Day 357 12:09
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Equip the item on yourself, refresh the page, hit the claim button.

Year 13 Day 357 15:04
Ka`rla Leakey

Thanks that worked a treat.