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Year 13 Day 267 13:51
Gort Horth

Is there any info available about how Shield Projectors are expected to work? Can they be used to project ships and if so, more than one at a time? Can a single planet have more than one projector, and about what sort of protection should we expect?


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Year 13 Day 267 14:31

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A single shield projector will provide an additional 20,000 points towards a Space Stations shielding. Shields that have taken damage will recharge at 2% of their maximum strength, every 4 hours until they are fully restored. 

So theoretically, every one of these gives the station above 20,000 points of shield. Probably needs reconsidering mind. Only able to target orbiting stations probably to simulate like a satellite in geo-synchronous orbit.


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Year 13 Day 267 17:48
As Calgor said. As for having more than one, I think there was a limit to just the one active per planet. But at the moment it is currently offline, and possibly change at a future stage once space combat etc comes around.


Year 13 Day 273 22:32
Gort Horth

Still curious about the description.

Used to project a magnetic or energy shield into the lower reaches of the planetary atmosphere, they are frequently used to provide additional protection to space stations, though ingenious engineers have also found them able to protect large stationary ships. 

Is there any expectation they'll be usable to protect stationary ships or is this description only intended for RP purposes??

Year 13 Day 274 5:44
A lot of descriptions are RP only; I would think the rules page stating it was stations only is the more credible source in this case.