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Year 13 Day 267 23:13
Do stations produce income and what are the benfits of owning a station like a luxury space colony?


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Year 13 Day 267 23:16
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Stations do not produce any income. The benefit of owning a station is that you own a station. Store stuff in it, or something.

Year 13 Day 268 2:09
Helena Gladio

Teya means no FI/income. Some stations can produce stuff and therefor make credits.



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Year 13 Day 268 2:09
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Helena Gladio
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Year 13 Day 268 2:25
Beyond the various production stations (factory, shipyards, medical lab) there isn't much use beyond having them at the moment. Trade stations allow you to access the NPC market, but they need to be owned by a trade faction to be able to do so.

Obviously in the future, the other station types will get more features, such as the R&D stations having an effect on R&D, recycling stations (if they don't already that is) being able to recycle things, warstations firing at ships, etc.


Year 13 Day 269 2:48
Jan Hutti

Do the trade stations have to be owned by trade faction or can they be managed by one to allow access to the market?

Year 13 Day 269 2:51
They have to be owned by a trading faction, just having one managing them isn't enough.

Year 13 Day 269 3:32
Jan Hutti

thanks Mr. Togan you just saved me lots of credits :)

Will this change to be like other facilities that can just be managed but not owned?

Edited By: Jan Hutti on Year 13 Day 269 3:34
Year 13 Day 269 4:48
Ichiru Hanabusa

it used to be like that but they changed it

Year 13 Day 270 10:39
Jan Hutti

Why the change ? I think it would be good to leave it as it use to be. Can it not be changed back?

Year 13 Day 270 12:56
Ichiru Hanabusa

i think it was to make trade factions more important etc

Year 13 Day 270 18:52
A lot of people felt that just being managed would better fit with how everything else works, but the devs wanted to require trade factions to own them to access it. Presumably to try to avoid people assigning a station, making a bid, then unassigning the station and moving on with their lives.


Year 13 Day 271 3:24
Jan Hutti

Thanks Ellias, I see that could happen. I just think that if people where able to build and let trade factions run then you would have more stations open to the public. To avoid the problem you mention perhaps it would be better to simply add a 30 day timer from last bid so people could not unassign or change crewlist until said time was down to 0 days.