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Archives » Question about rare ships
Year 13 Day 268 11:30
I read a forum post recently about what is the best ship around

I was wondering how we can acquire a rare ship, how they are found/built and why they don't have a data card so they can be produced.

Thanks for your time.


Vyzerod Mining Sales Rep.
Year 13 Day 268 11:42
Many rare ships are ones that were either available as part of the CP exchange system or made as one off vessels.

If they have no affiliation they cannot be created.


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Year 13 Day 268 11:44
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You'll have to pry them out of the greedy hands of another player.

Year 13 Day 268 12:08
Thank you for your replies. Pity, the Tartan looks like a great ship.


Vyzerod Mining Sales Rep.
Year 13 Day 268 17:23
Some are ex-CP ships (such as the Tartan), but the other rare ships were handed out near the dawn of SWC as admin rewards and such like.

Though you can find people selling them now and again (more so for the ex-CP ships than the admin given ones) their prices are usually quite high.

In the future, R&D will allow factions to obtain the DCs for such ships as well as others.


Year 13 Day 301 23:15
Shobba Pau

Any plans to make changes to the selection of ships available currently?

Offering special ships for a limited time would be pretty exciting.

These rare ships seem to have become somewhat of a mystery and a borderline myth in some cases..


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Six Stars is not enough...
Year 13 Day 301 23:30
The CP ships are cycled in and out, typically recently with a year lifespan, but depends on how the art team are doing with images generally. Come R&D, most of these should then be available to research, with factions then possibly selling them again.


Year 13 Day 302 16:29
Shobba Pau

Will there ever be a reshuffle of Datacards? In the case of Ship factions - I feel like everyone should have access to at least one Datacard..

Or when R&D is implemented - Maybe factions who don't have datacards can research and discover their own version of a particular model..

Edited By: Shobba Pau on Year 13 Day 302 16:31

photo avnew1.png
Six Stars is not enough...
Year 13 Day 302 18:20
That is the idea... that is, the second part - a reshuffle is highly unlikely.

Edited By: Ellias Aubec on Year 13 Day 302 18:20

Year 13 Day 303 14:11
A nice scenario would be IMO/wishful thinking..To new Shipayrd Factions, a bundle package of rare..not unique mind you..rare ship DC's. One cap, two freighter, one fighter..or mix it up, but only have one Cap limit.

Like what I would want, the ACC-1, DCF/1760 and the toscan-8 fighter.

Like I said, wishful thinking, maybe it would happen.
No fighting,flaming..just thinking outloud on the future of R&D DCs and rare ships.


CEO Black Nebula Engineering
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Year 13 Day 303 16:33
Well I wouldn't be to concerned about imbalance and the need for DC reshuffling - R&D is likely to have a bunch of reasonably-easy to obtain low-level entities on them, and once R&D is released, there's going to be a TON of players farming R&D Points. No reason to believe that it will be a LONG time before any given faction has a DC to use.

Also, depending on how they end up implementing the Research Point Division/redemption process (IE: Cumulative/OneShot or OneShot/OneShot, the difference between them I won't get into here, cause it's in the other R&D threads in the Questions to Admin section), you could end up with a GLUT of datapads on the market with R&D points due to them being redundant for the large factions.