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Archives » Training NPCs - no XPs for superviser WAD?
Jezebel Saruh Ivanova

Greetings Admins,

currently one can "train" NPCs by sending them on a patrol route. To do so one needs to go to the NPC's current location, squad them and put in the coordinates and so forth. After sending them on their way and they slowly accumulate XPs and thus level up.

Now my question is whether or not it's working as designed that the one supervising those NPCs that are "training" doesn't earn any XPs when they level up.

Shouldn't one get at least 1 XP when one of our esteemed NPCs manages to level up? I think it would make sense, because you first have to interact with those NPCs to get them paroling (just like you have to interact with NPCs to build something - you for example do earn XPs when a facility you let them build is finished, even when you are not on location) and you are limited in the number of NPC squads you can control (-> Infantry Command skill)

Anyway I'm just wondering if that was WAD or not. Thanks & keep up the good work!


It's fine. The fact that you can set the NPCs to continually walk to get XP, allowing them to level up much faster than a PC is your advantage there. Construction etc, requires you to organise permissions, RMs, privs, etc, while patrol just needs you to find a planet to land on.


yes it is working as dintended



Jezebel Saruh Ivanova

Thanks a bunch guys for the swift answer :)