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Year 13 Day 272 7:56
Chancy Mandu

(Sorry if this was asked and answered before, did a search nothing came up and the rules page is a bit Mysterious )

When you go to hatch a Mysterious Egg, will it be the creature that you killed that hatches, or is it a random creature that will hatch?

i could kill a luna get an egg hatch it and get a rancor?

Year 13 Day 272 8:30

hope that helps


Year 13 Day 272 8:40
Chancy Mandu


thats the one i was looking for, thanks v much vip :)

Year 13 Day 272 14:16
Kuro Neko

That still doesn't say if an egg from a small creature is always going to hatch into the same type of creature, or just another small creature.

From what I've heard, and from personal experience, they seem to hatch into the same type as the killed creature. But it only takes one report when the creature is different to prove me wrong. :-)

Anyone seen a different creature hatch?


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Year 13 Day 272 15:17
It should be the same creature. That's why you're not supposed to crate them - it removes the database field that stores the creature type.

Year 13 Day 273 1:22
Chancy Mandu

ok thats fair enough, means that they are not so mysterious tho.

Year 13 Day 273 22:57
To you as a person, no. Perhaps more mysterious for your character!



Year 13 Day 274 1:54
Chancy Mandu

perhaps, but seeing as my character kills a creature, sees an egg, hatches it, is he really going to be surprised to see the same type of creautre come out of an egg. if he is, i guess he should have stayed in school a bit longer. :P

Year 13 Day 274 2:08
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Well, we all know who your avatar is..

Year 13 Day 274 3:06
Chancy Mandu

a millionaire business and sports man? not to mention a handsome devil !!! : )

Year 13 Day 274 3:18
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Millionaire? sure. Athlete? sure. Handsome? I guess. Business man? Pfft. Mensa member? Not quite =p
He's no Tony Stark!

Year 13 Day 274 3:30
Chancy Mandu

You have his perfume, come on, admit it!!!

Year 13 Day 274 23:10
Did your character actually see the egg coming out of the creature?! If not, it's still pretty mysterious!

I mean, I suppose it could just be renamed "Egg," but Mysterious Egg implies something can be done with it.



Year 13 Day 275 14:08
Gort Horth

Simply "egg" is no good. "Little, medium or big egg" sounds too much like Goldilocks. "Humble egg" doesn't fit if it's from a Krayt. "Easter egg" is already taken. "Scrambled egg" you can do by putting it in a crate.

Given the options, "mysterious" sounds pretty good to me, especially since no one but the hunter who claimed it really knows what it is for sure.


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Year 13 Day 287 3:36
I have killed 60+ creatures for no eggs, trust me, they're bloody mysterious to me !!


Year 13 Day 290 21:15
Darian Dash

About as rare as Platypus eggs by the sound of it ;)


Year 13 Day 291 20:56

I have seen more of those than eggs from SWC creatures !!!