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Year 13 Day 274 5:08
So I entered a system right now and I notice that I'm sharing sensors with Galactic Empire owned Bulk Freighters. I checked my IFF thing and I have nobody listed as friendlies or enemies.

I've also noticed that I'm not sharing sensors with ships owned by my faction in the same system. Not sure if I'm supposed to, but it doesn't make any sense that I'd be sharing sensors with the Galactic Empire before my own faction. There are ships owned by other factions that I'm not sharing sensors with, it's only the GE ships that are sharing sensors.

Why is this happening?

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Year 13 Day 274 7:13
Kendall Holm

Is there anyone piloting the Faction ships? And GE could be your faction friendly.


Year 13 Day 274 10:41
I scanned a few of the ships belonging to my faction and GE, neither had any passengers on board.

Not exactly sure if it's relevant, but the ship I'm in is personally owned (commanded/piloted as well) by me.

I put GE to my foes list and waited a bit, but those ships are still sharing sensors.

So maybe my faction has GE or the guy commanding/piloting those BFFs on a friendly list and it's overriding my personal settings if that's how it works.

I also undocked my second ship and flew it to the square next to another ship owned (commanded/piloted as well) by me... those aren't sharing sensors.

This situation is confusing for me and the sharing sensors rules seem to indicate that I shouldn't be sharing sensors with GE if I list them as a foe and I should be sharing sensors with my own ship at least.

I could be interpreting this incorrectly:
"[things] share sensors with each other when they are friends, have an active pilot and are not disabled."
I took friend to mean I'm on their IFF as friendly AND they're on mine as friendly (w/ only the faction I'm a member of and my own ships being auto-friendly), active pilot to refer to the person assigned as pilot being active, and well... assumed disabled was something not relevant.
I mean I can understand not sharing sensors with my faction's ships... they may have nobody even assigned as pilot. If "active pilot" refers to piloted status, I can understand not sharing sensors with my own ships either. But what I'm very confused about is sharing sensors with GE ships with nobody inside them.

I guess my question is how does sensor sharing actually work?
Any clarification would be appreciated.

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Year 13 Day 274 12:15
Sensors aren't really working correctly right now, I'd post a bug report about it (since empty ships shouldn't share sensors with anyone).