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Year 13 Day 277 10:03
Shouldn't species from hot homeplanets be able to resist heat better than other species? or even not be affected by the heat and lose HP%?

For example, if Wookiees (temperate/breathable) want to fight Hutts in Nal Hutta (hot/breathable), they should be the ones wearing environmental equipment, not the Hutts, they should have the advantage of leaving more equipment slots open.

I dont know what are the plans for NPCs but I am asking this because I am losing HP for being in a hot/breathable planet while I am a Tatooinian. So I think there is room for improvement if it could be extended into NPCs, so that some species have different advantages in certain places, and so that people dont just choose wookiees and gamorrean NPCs so blindly.

Most species come from temperate or hot, but temperate based species fighting Gand in Gand should have a slight disadvantage, and not just force both to wear equipment.

So whats the plan for NPCs regarding this?

Edited By: Paparrin on Year 13 Day 277 10:07
Year 13 Day 277 17:07
There was a plan to allow races to have varying resistances etc to atmospheres - see the entry at the bottom of the atmosphere damage page. However it's been lost along the way. Might be nice to go back, we shall see.