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Year 13 Day 283 15:19
Gort Horth

Kay, that's a pretty good guess. That would be very disappointing since then no one would be able to do serious research on rented DC's. It would severely limit the way R&D points are applied and promote selling them across factions--which might be intended.

But I could have guessed one way or the other too. The point of asking in the "Questions for Admin" folder is so we don't have to guess.

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Year 13 Day 283 16:31
I can't fathom why improving upon a rented datacard would cause you to receive both the improved version as well as the upgrade.

Also, I'd wager it is highly unlikely you'll be able to base R&D off of rented datacards.

Year 13 Day 284 5:37


Such a system would ensure that not only do ship factions already really/if ever produce their DCs for the public to buy, but now they have even less incentive to even rent them out, in fear of someone R&Ding them faster.

When I said each faction has their own tree, I was refering to ship factions having their ship tree, vehicle having a vehicle tree, mining having a mining tree, etc etc etc. A ship faction will be unable to research vehices, nor will a Mercenary be able to R&D droids (Unless those specific droids are on the Merc tree...).

As I conceptualize the system, the Existing DCs will be placed somewhere on the owner faction's Tech Tree. 

Existing, owned, DCs will exist off the tree. The advantage to owning the YT-510 or whatever, is that you're already x steps ahead of everyone else with that vessel. I'm fairly certain that you will not be able to research a variant, until you get there again. Otherwise 10 minutes into R&D, the GE can simply go for the SuperDuper Star Destroyer, and it makes things even more unbalanced for those with DCs already.

As per ETA, see previous post from 3 days ago.


Year 13 Day 284 9:44
Helena Gladio

Thank you all for you time in this thread and for your work on the Combine.



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 13 Day 284 15:34
Darian Dash

Just wondering if researched DCs will be owned by the datacard they were researched on and assigned from that or if you have to be in a faction and the dc automatically given to them?

If the dc was owned by the datapad and assigned from that it would make it easier to steal and also allow freelancers to make use of it.

I guess it might cause hoarding the datapads that way though.


Year 13 Day 284 16:01
well, they're hoarding the good ones now anyway.


Year 13 Day 285 2:40
Blot Hlidskjalf

is there any idea how the different r+d-stations and the r+d-centre will affect the research or what their generell purpose will be?

Year 13 Day 285 3:58
Darian Dash

@ Jonwe , I said datapads not datacards.

It is datapads the research will be saved to isn't it?


Year 13 Day 285 4:40
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

As I understand it, it's datapads that research points will be saved on, not the final product.

Year 13 Day 293 7:23
Another question about R&D:
Can a player "own" pieces of the R&D tree? Or do all research points have to be dumped into a faction?


Year 13 Day 293 13:24
I read it as "research points are stored on a data pad".
For gaining access on the next level on a faction tech tree you need a certain (hidden?) amount of points. You do this by "loading data pads" into the project.

What you are doing with that data pad is then the choice of yours.
You can give it away to your faction or auction it off on the market.


Year 13 Day 293 13:46

Yes, I believe that's how it's going to work. More particularly, datapads will be either "claimable" like easter eggs and the like were to allow Theft to occur by simple physical possession (to transfer ownership), or they'll just be useable without a check for Owner/Quartermaster/Carrier of the datapad, bypassing the need to "claim" it entirely.

At the end of the day though, the "Research Points" have to be spent to unlock (or towards unlocking, depending on how the system will work), a 'leaf' on the tech tree of a particular faction. That Faction gains ultimate (and I assume non-transferable outside of normal faction-joining rules as the current DCs are) ownership of the DC.

Oddly enough that brings up another question regarding the DCs/Tech Trees and faction merging. Is each TYPE of faction (Ship, item, vehicle, government, etc.) getting their own Tech Tree to research (that is the same across all factions of that type), or is each single Faction (and all subsequent factions that are created) getting their own unique Tech Tree to research? Once that's answered, What happens to DCs and Tech Trees on faction merging?

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 13 Day 293 13:47
Year 13 Day 293 16:11
That Faction gains ultimate ... ownership of the DC 

That's what I was wondering. It makes sense I suppose.

In regards to different faction types, I think jesfa said that each faction type would gain its own unique tree.


Year 13 Day 293 17:44
The tech trees will be the same for every faction type. As far as I am aware, each faction will then research their way up, unlocking DCs for themselves. You will be able to see what other factions have researched as they will pop up on the rules pages, but you won't be able to research/build those entities until your faction researches their way up there as well.


Year 13 Day 294 5:34
Vehicle factions will have identical vehicle trees, ships for ship trees, items have items trees, etc.

Year 13 Day 294 8:07

As stated, each type will gain their own. It's silly to have to make 200+ trees for each faction.

The individual research points will be created by the invidividual, not sure the procedure for them going from creation into the faction yet, but the final DC product will be faction owned only.


Year 13 Day 294 22:59

A quick question regarding DC types and faction types. Just picking a random example out of thin air, say, a mining faction. What would the R&D opportunities be for such a faction type? Ships? Vehicles? hand held mining lasers? orbital ion cannons?*

*for mining use only of course.


Year 13 Day 295 1:15

That, is the crux of the problem.

Certainly things like improved prospecting vehicles, and things of that nature, but until we start looking at the tree more and diving it up a bit, I'm not sure how big each individual groups tree is gonna be.

Like, ship factions are going to have a lot, no getting around that, but what we pull out and hand to mercenaries/pirates/info/transport etc, is something we'll need to look at once we figure out more of the how, and then start on the what, per R&D.


Year 13 Day 295 3:22
Jan Hutti

Is there a way to get a sneak peak at the ship tree?

I would interested to know if you could R&D greater weight and volume capicty?

Also will there be different ship trees for each type of ship Capital, Freighter, Fighter etc or can you use the research on any type ship?

Sorry for all the questions .

Year 13 Day 295 12:45
Pinto Grande

Is system/planetary stats going to influenciate on how many points researching individual makes? Or how much it costs?

and just to be sure: When a player starts researching, he will research only on ONE of the 4 fields of research (which one he chooses), or he will generate points in all areas at once according to his skills and whatever the formula is?

And will we be able to 'see' what is 'above' our current position on the Tech tree? Or it'll be a 'secret'?

Moreover, Will the amount of points we need from each field that we need to unlock the Next Tech be known?

Thanks very much.

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