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Archives » Ship raising passenger cap.
Year 13 Day 282 2:02

Just want to know if I'm sure about this:

1) My ship has a Weight Cap: 10,000 T and Volume Cap: 40,000 m³
And supports 10 passengers
And also has a Hangar Bay

2) My vehicle Weight: 400 T and Volume 6,000 m³
And supports 150 passengers

The question: When I put 100 Npc's in my vehicle can I board that vehicle on my ship? This means I can fly my ship with the vehicle aboard filled with 100 npc's to another destination right?


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Year 13 Day 282 4:13
In a word, yes.

The problem with entites inside other entities optimising capacity is something which comes up on occasions. The old exploit was that an MTC could only hold a few thousand units of resources but a large number of bulk freighters which, the capacity of them made no impact on the larger vessel. You could use that to carry ten times what it should be able to carry.

Essentially as long as the NPCs dont all attempt to leave then you wont find a problem.

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You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter: The Scary Door.
Year 13 Day 282 6:14
Yes, it will work - stacked entities don't count docked entities cargo/passengers for their own counts.


Year 13 Day 282 8:55
Thanks guys

Year 13 Day 283 16:25
Gort Horth

One thing to be careful about is that many vehicles can't disembark on many terrains. barges can't go on most terrains so while a barge aboard a freighter may make you able to transport large numbers of passengers, they may not be able to disembark when they get to their destination.

You might unload a handful at a time into the ship and then out onto a surface but this is a serious hassle-- you'd need to make 17 trips using the numbers you provided.


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Year 13 Day 284 4:20
I can attest to both aspects. You can put NPCs into vehicles and the vehicles into a ship without cutting into the ship's passenger capacity. You can also get yourself stuck inside the vehicle with no way to get out again if the game gets a little glitch and doesn't let you boot a passenger from the ship you want to exit back into and you can't pilot your vehicle off the ship due to terrain restrictions.
I managed to stuff 1000 NPCs into a BFF, but paid the price due to one of those bugs by having to wait for days for it to get sorted out.

Year 13 Day 284 9:23
Good to know there are some glitches

Year 13 Day 284 9:30
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You could simply fire one NPC if you run in to that problem. Assuming you can stomach the ~15k loss.