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Year 13 Day 282 22:18
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

Interesting bug, just checking if it is common.

I can't drag/drop any items. I can however use the dropdown menu. I can't board my ship at this location. I can't click on anything when moving, but can use the dropdown as well.

I was bandit hunting, and am now stranded because of this thing. Anyone else?

Edit: It looks like all scripts are broken, I can't re-assign things or makeover any. Once clicked on, the script doesn't pop up at the bottom. This is quite troublesome.

Edited By: Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar on Year 13 Day 282 22:32
Year 13 Day 282 22:35
Everything looks fine for me.

What browser are you using and do you have any plugins installed, that might interfere with Javascript (e.g. NoScript)?

Year 13 Day 282 22:36
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

Chrome, and that is a negative. It was working until 30 minutes or so ago.

Year 13 Day 283 2:07
Did you update your Browser? Have you tried clearing your cache?

Year 13 Day 283 20:42
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

I updated everything and cleared my cache to no avail. Reinstalled chrome and it seems to be functioning.