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Archives » Searching for public facilities?
Year 13 Day 283 7:57
Piron Sunrise

How do I search for the locations of nearest public facilities e.g. starpot / landing bay / trade centre etc?

Edited By: Piron Sunrise on Year 13 Day 283 8:13
Year 13 Day 283 8:37
You can't.

What you can is find out the locations of the race starting cities.
They have at least an open-to-all star port. And other facilities.

A list of open trading stations and markets can be found at a third-party page:

I hope that helped a bit.


Year 13 Day 283 8:45
Piron Sunrise

Thank you very much. That helps a lot =)

By the way is it possible to show the race starting cities on the galaxy map?

Edited By: Piron Sunrise on Year 13 Day 283 8:45
Year 13 Day 283 9:14
Piron, the suggestion to take that list of starports and show them on the galactic map was approved by the SimMaster, but hasn't been coded yet.


Year 13 Day 283 12:43
Also, to some extent you can find the race starting cities, typically, with a bit of work , and some attention to the mouse over descriptions of the cities.

The race's home world is on the race page.

If you go to that planet's rules page, you can mouse over the cities, and the race starting city is NPC controlled, and usually stands out (it also has a different Icon on the map of the cities)


Year 13 Day 283 19:15
It is very easy to see the starting city - just go to the homeworld on the map, and the starting city will have a different image to all the others.