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Year 13 Day 286 11:22
What is the easiest way and the fastest way and most of all the cheapest way to buy weapons / armour / gadgets for ME and my NPCs.

I have the money, but I don't really know whats next :)

The centrepointstationmarket on the other hand is VERY expensive and I cant believe there isn't another cheaper way to buy neccesary stuff?


Year 13 Day 286 11:49
A friend of mine quoted some wise person who once said: "Services can be rendered and Goods can be provided: Fast, High-Quality, and Cheap, but you can only pick two."

I don't think you'll be able to get anything easier than through CPM. Or faster, for that matter. For cheapest, you're looking at waiting a long time and doing a lot of cold-pming of leaders of various Item factions to make inquiries and negotiate for what you want. Even then, I'm not confident you'll get *that* much more of a discount off of what's listed on CPM if you're only going to buy a small amount of things.

Year 13 Day 286 17:30
Buying direct from factions will be your best bet. You get cheaper prices, and depending on the faction, you can get them as quick as CPM, espeically if they do delivery for you.


Year 13 Day 286 23:50
Brand Malden

I saved alot of money on stuff to start by putting in orders all over with factions or cheap out of the way traders, then taking on alot of delivery jobs and just picking up my stuff whenever I ended up close to it. But if you've got the money, just pay someone to go get it for you.

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