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Archives » Hangar Bays in Space Stations
Year 13 Day 290 18:51
Is there any way to utilize the hangar bays in Space stations? I recently tried to unload some vehicles from a ship into one and wasn't able to do so.


Year 13 Day 290 19:40
I've unloaded vehicles from a BFF into a space station earlier today so it's definitely working. I'd guess the issue for you has something to do with privs/crewlist/etc rather than the feature itself.



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Year 13 Day 290 23:28
Patrick Bisson

Jump in the vehicle and hit the dock button while your still in the hangar of the ship it will switch into the station.

Year 13 Day 291 6:55
There is 2, maybe 3 ways how to do it, I can confirm two of the, third I don't think I tried yet.

1. The ship where the vehicle is docked, like YT-1300 for example, you can dock inside the station. Then go into the vehicle that is inside that YT and hit Undock, it will put it inside the station. You can probably do it by just hitting Unload inside the YT's cockpit once its docked.

2. When the ship the vehicle is docked in is on the same location as the station but not docked inside of it, like BFF-1 since they are rather big to dock, you can go into the vehicle inside the BFF and then lick Dock, it will show you the station as location you can dock in.

3. This is theory, but sounds like its what Melp did. When you are on the same location as the station you should be able to see in the ships cockpit option to Load all the vehicles into the station, it would be in the list of Vehicles inside a cockpit.

Of course you need to be able to board the station for any option to work =P


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