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Year 13 Day 292 17:01
Looking at the variety of ships you can purchase on CPM, what are people's thoughts on good fleet composition? Certainly fighters and capital ships, but also freighters? Which ones would you put together?


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Year 13 Day 292 20:25
Icarus Carinae

Depends on what kind of fleet you want. Quick response hit and run, or do you want to win a slugging contest? Best bet for slugging contests' are probably Kaloth's. Hit and run, try and find faster fighters with good weapons and a carrier to move them around.

Year 13 Day 294 18:25
I generally use my C-3 with the Horizon in that, and a Deathseed in that. Speed and sensor coverage, with moderate firepower.

However I also like my YV666 loaded with a YT1300, Sprint, JM500, PES and an ETA-2. This offers me variety of speed, armament and passenger count while I cruise the space lanes.

In the end it's as Mr. Carinae said, "Depends on what kind of fleet you want" and what suits your needs.


Year 13 Day 295 3:43
Also I'd say more on what you can afford. Sure some of the shuttles like ATR-6 is pretty good but you can get like 10-15 YT-1300s for that price. And then I think it also matters if you are alone or with a group of people, if alone than capital ships should be carriers you can move your stuff with you, if you have some friends then some non-carrier capital ships are sold choice, like Neutron.


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Year 13 Day 295 5:45
Alexander von Ismay

Star Destroyer Flagship, trailed by my Lictor, flanked by my two MCLs all stuffed with ATRs, Sentinels, YWings, Vipers and R41s.

I plan to acquire two Neutron Bulks to follow up with laser fire.

Oh, and 100)+ Battledroids, in-case someone wants to board for a "visit".


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Year 13 Day 295 8:32
Chancy Mandu

There you go Danaan, that is the fleet you want.

any chance of a loan lex?

Year 13 Day 301 13:32
Alexander von Ismay

Only a loan of Love Chancy. Only of love. <3


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 13 Day 301 13:50
Modded interdictor cruiser. The end.