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Year 13 Day 295 16:34
Kilian Delmarco

When one drops with armour that one does not own, what happens to that armour?

Does it die too? Or does it just fall away?

Year 13 Day 295 17:38
I'd presume that it remains equipped to the NPC that they become.


Year 13 Day 295 17:44
As far as I can tell everything that is equipped on PC when they drop it disappears for some reason. At least whenever someone I knew dropped the stuff they had equipped were gone. I used to think the stuff drop to the floor but they don't seem to. I think its because the PC is deleted and replaced with NPC, but the items get deleted with it. But Admins should be able to confirm.


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Year 13 Day 296 6:53
I have found that when an arrested character drops, the stun cuffs also seem to disappear too. I also thought that the characters items/armor/ weapons(if any) would be dropped too, along with the cuffs, for future reference can it be clarified if these things are dropped, or disappear!


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 296 15:09
Kilian Delmarco

I'd like to know that too. And if this is some sort of bug, can we get these items back? Or are they lost forever?

Year 13 Day 296 16:01
One of my precious Stun Cuffs was recently lost too when an arrested player dropped their character. I can haz back?

Year 13 Day 297 1:12
Makes me wish I'd executed the fiend immediately, that way I'd still have my stun cuffs and wouldn't have to ask questions regarding this matter.... or wait for clarification on what is supposed to happen.


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 298 7:03
Kilian Delmarco

Good news! It's a bug and we're supposed to wait til next sync.

Bad news! No one is getting their stuff back. It's lost forever.

So.. I guess no one should arrest anyone who is known to drop their character at the drop of a hat til next sync.