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Archives » How do I redeem a ship for CP's?
Year 13 Day 295 21:46
Currently I am in a space station. I was hoping to be able to redeem the ship I have saved enough CP's for while inside the station, but so far I have had no luck. I've tried numerous times on different planets but it seems every planet that has a powered landing pad also has a shield generator preventing me from landing. Does anyone know an exact location where I can redeem a CP reward ship, and also the steps to follow in doing so?


Year 13 Day 295 22:17
Maha Michi

Hello Xelo,

You can't redeem CPs for ships in a space station.

Once you are in a Starport, you redeem CPs by going to the following link:

How to get to the above link:
- click the CP amount on the right (under your character)
- click exchange CPs

You can try this planet (it was unshielded, last I knew):
Planet: Ingo II (0, 8)
City: Olonost Regional Distribution Centre (7, 4)
Ground: (12, 17)

Here's a good idea on where not to go:
Shielded Planets

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Year 13 Day 295 22:26
And for exact location, try to look at this thread :

You can send DM to Mouse Woodlake, and ask him for suitable planet to spawn your ship, think that he is your best bet for finding such place close to you.

Year 13 Day 295 22:54
At the very least, you can look through the races, find one whose homeworld is Darkness controlled and land there - the starpot will be powered and open to all, with no shields present.


Year 13 Day 296 9:06
Thank you everyone for the help! Turns out I'm at a ship yard not a space station, so I'm on my way to the planet recommended. Hopefully this works, I've been flying around the galaxy for weeks trying to redeem this ship!

-Xelo Nostam