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Archives » Should my squads follow me onto a StarSpeeder?
Remus-Qui Wraan


I've just boarded a Starspeeder in an NPC-owned starport with a party and my two squads were left behind. I was wondering if my squads should have followed me onto the Starspeeder? The rules tell me they'll follow me into other entities and a Starspeeder can carry 40 passengers. Since it's not a normal entity I expected something like this would happen, but I was wondering if it was deliberately not included, if they were supposed to come along and it's a bug or if it's something on the cards for a rare afternoon when the more important stuff is done.


Ric`zix Xichiz

It may have been disabled due to something I had discovered when attempting the same thing.

When I spawned, I began ferrying troopers off the homeworld. At that time, squads would follow you onto the Starspeeder (2 squads + party= 36, 37 counting myself) and I set off to unload my troops onto an unshielded planet.

The issue arose when I landed. My party made it off fine, but my 2 squads were deleted forever, with no event generated. I made a bug report about it at the time, and I would only assume that the ability to have them board was removed to prevent squads from being deleted forever upon reaching the destination.

Or, it could be a legit bug.

Personally, I wouldn't attempt it because losing 2 squads to the Void really sucked.

Remus-Qui Wraan

Thanks for that, good to know. Those squadded NPCs are alive and well and remained in the starport where I started my journey.

What orders did the squads have when you boarded the starspeeder?


Remus-Qui Wraan

Nothing in particular except follow, I believe.

Only acting because clearly if they were set to patrol, they'd not try to follow... but if they were ordered to follow...

Just asking the 'check the most obvious issues first' type question.