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Archives » Getting the map of current floor
Year 13 Day 300 4:10
Ruben Wan

Dear Sirs,

much time ago it was possible to have the map of the current floor by using a PHP script located at the URL:

which later was changed into:

Now, my question is: does the script CharFrameRoomMap.php be resides in the website and can it be accessed publicly?

It was one of those little features that was very useful for some (ok, only for me ;-) )


Ruben Wan


Ruben Wan

Year 13 Day 308 5:44
Ruben Wan

Wow, I wasn't expecting my question was so difficult to answer. ;-) :-)

Just joking, and bumping this to be sure it was at least noticed.


Ruben Wan

Year 13 Day 308 6:12
That page was removed when the new travel pages were introduced. You can still see the current room map from this page:

Year 13 Day 309 17:50
Ruben Wan

Thanks Togan.

That little wonderful script was creating the floor map without the red cross of "you are here" and on a complete black background.

With your link, which is the common way to see the map floor currently, not only we have the red cross, but also the blue shade on the possible reachable rooms.

I understand I am one out of 3543 active players (i.e. 0.028%) that is interested in that "feature," but since in the past existed, I just wanted to know if it is possible to have that script available again, or to find it somewhere still in the server, perhaps in a different directory, in order to get a floor map without any additional graphics.


Ruben Wan