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Archives » How do I make NPC transport? Can you delete your account? Can you truly start over? IC/OOC violation?
I want NPC transport to panet X. Lets say I own Planet X. Could I get NPC transport to there?
Can you delete your account?
Can you truly start over? 3 drops later people still hate me for what I did.
From a DM with someone they said that even if they did figure out I was __ it would be IC/OO violation if they told anyone. Is tat correct?


- No.

NPC travel will only take you to faction owned starports or other NPC ones. So unless Planet X has starports owned by the faction you are part of, the answer is no.

- Ask a staff member but really, why would you want to?

- Same as above just actually stay quiet about your real identity surely?

- Correct. Anything that your old character did should stay actions of your old character and really, anyone disregarding you purely because you had a former character who caused havoc is not considering the IC/OOC seperation. Problem is it's not really enforceable and often, people don't change too much between characters.


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You can't delete your account. That is the drawback of trying to be the bad guy and doing stupid things, people will not like you. Should have though of that before whatever you did. You can truly start over, just don't talk to anyone you knew before, be different and don't say who you were. But if whatever you did was really bad, it tends to stick for some people. I had different characters before too few years back, handful of people know who they were, I guess sometime it just takes time.

No it wouldn't be IC/OOC violation. They can just as easily say they were talking OOC which they would have to be, because IC you are not your old self. Would be a different case if they would or someone try to kill you or something because of your past character. However it is quite their choice what to do with that information. If you are bothered that they do not like you as a player, don't talk to them. If they are harrasing you because of your past, report them.

As much as it can look like fun to mess with people you can't really expect people will just move on when you drop char. It wasn't the character that did those things, it was the player behind it, so if you did it with one char, you are capable of doing it again.

Oh and as far as I know NPC travel, transport factions can link starports to the NPC network, I'd talk to them and see if they have a list of locations where they have starports.


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1. Yes you could if you were a member of a faction that owned a starport there and had it assigned to a transport faction, or the starport there was NPC owned (possibly if the starport was owned by a transport faction, but you might only be able to get there from another starport they owned).

2. No.

3. If you are careful, you should be able to. Don't tell people who your last characters were, play in a different style, avoid the people you interacted with before. Unless you get their suspicions up, they will be unlikely to use tactics such as IP matching to see who you are.

4. Depends. If you are using old IC grudges etc to perform actions with your new character, then I'd say they would be perfectly in their rights to use such OOC tactics to defend themselves. Generally though using OOC information like that is against the Golden Rule.