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Year 13 Day 303 14:17
Zain Dekker


I've been struggling with connecting to the swc irc server on any of my irc clients. I am able to connect via mmbbit on the website, but Colloquy, Ircle, AquaChat, etc. all fail to connect (I'm on a Mac).

It shouldn't be a firewall issue because I'm able to connect to various other IRC servers, and I have connected to swc irc from this computer using Colloquy before. Now, all I see when trying to connect is a "Connection Refused" from

I've tried, and I've tried various ports including 7000, 8080, etc. Although mmbbit works OK, I would like to be able to connect via a native client.

I'm running mac os 10.5.8, if that makes any difference.


Year 13 Day 303 16:00
Where are you trying to connect from? When I first started college, SWC's irc server was blocked and I had to request for it to be allowed.

Year 13 Day 303 16:17
Kendall Holm

Connection Refusal is usually a sockets error meaning that something is blocking it (generally speaking) it can be local on your computer like Firewalls or Antivirus or an other security applications to your ISP blocking the address.


Year 13 Day 303 16:28
Zain Dekker

And it would only block the swc irc?

I can see if I have any firewalls on my computer, I suppose. Would it have anything to do with DNS settings, or anything similar?

Year 13 Day 304 11:34
It shouldn't be your DNS. Yes, a firewall often will block a specific program and not an entire port; depends on how it's set up. However, that wouldn't explain your ability to connect to other servers.

I don't suppose you're banned from the server? Strikes me as odd you'd open a thread if you knew of such a ban, but it would explain the symptoms. I don't see any bans up for your current IP address, though.

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Year 13 Day 305 12:27
Zain Dekker

Interesting, I obviously know nothing of a ban. Well I may have to resort to using Mibit.

Year 13 Day 306 23:54
Don't suppose you're on a school connection or something similar that may be blocking it? I'm not sure I have any other ideas.



Year 13 Day 307 8:22
Kendall Holm

Couldnt you packet sniff your traffic and watch the IRC protocol packets and see whats blocking them or where there is an error