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Year 13 Day 306 1:00
BTW I think the new screen is awesome!!!

Now I realize when my current production finished all stops.

I check the production screen and said that I have no any RM. And the station is full. But the RM are owned by me.

Ok, I changed it. Now the RM belongs to the faction. This is new right? I mean, the operator no longer can own the RM, only the manager.

Now I have a new error message: I need at least 1 worker to start production.

What happens. My NPCs are in the entrance as always. I test makeover them between me and the faction and nothing works.

Also, in the party screen show that they are working are the station is not working, not producing.

What else can be? What I need to do?

Is this a bug?

Thanks for comments, in advance.


Year 13 Day 306 9:00
If they're listed as "working" then there's probably a bug as they shouldn't be "working" unless they're Used as part of (in this case) production.

One of the most common issue with NPCs is that they're still in your party when you try to start production. Make sure they're kicked, then double check the Manager = Manager and Supervisor = Operator for the NPCs and the Shipyard.

Year 13 Day 306 10:06
The NPC are out of my party.

In fact I can not add them because they are """working"""

I will send a bug report. Thanks.