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Archives » Weapon stats and weapon descriptions
Mingolo Mingolonio

For many of the weapons, their description completely doesn't match their stats. So I wanted to ask, since it said in the Sim news that weapon stats weren't yet finalized, will weapon stats will be changed around so they match their description more? Or will stats only be changed for purely gameplay reasons and we can completely ignore the description when buying weapons in mass?

As one example, there is the DLT-20a. If you read the description, it says it is a mediocre weapon with little stopping power and a lot of drawbacks, so not much people use it. If you look at its actual stats, however, it is better than GE's E-11, better than NR's E-11b, and better than the TF's Droid Blaster. It has better maximum and minumum damage (counting number of hits) than all three, better range than all three, and more armor penetration than the E-11s and the Droid Blaster. Comparing it with the rest of the assault rifles as well, I'd say it is one of the better ones, having great damage, range, and armor penetration. Then you scroll down to its description and it says it's a really crappy gun.

So again, my question is, will the stats of some weapons be changed to better reflect their description, or should we ignore the description entirely when deciding what weapons to buy? I just don't want to buy lots of batches of a specific weapon, only for it to be nerfed later because its canon description says it's not supposed to be that good.

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As is always stated, descriptions are there to boost RP etc - they should not be consulted for rules based effects. Son the actual stats will be what is used, and the descriptions will change to match that once both the stats calm down a little (in terms of being finalised, not necessarily being toned down) and the descriptions team redo it/someone submits a new description to the descriptions team.


will weapon stats will be changed around so they match their description more? 

Never. Features are never changed to match descriptions, only vice versa.



Mingolo Mingolonio

Good to know.



Icarus Carinae

Some of the weapon changes are a bit odd, most very good, a few oddities though.