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Year 13 Day 309 14:18
Is this feature still broken?


Year 13 Day 309 14:28
I dont recall it ever worked =(


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Year 13 Day 309 14:37
Damn *whimper*. There goes my diabolical plan.

I'm sure it worked, long ago, as I remember kicking people in the past. But can't find the kick option anymore and a forum search showed me a two year old thread which said it was broken :'(


Year 13 Day 309 15:33
Sylvin Macflint

I believe the only way to utilize the option is to load the entity to capacity. ie. a yt 1210 has a passanger capacity of 6 if one unwanted party is aboard add 5 to the vessel and try to board yourself. then you'll have the option to kick a passenger off. then keep doing it till you boot the right one.

Year 13 Day 309 15:56
Unfortunately that might be an problem since I'm in a Namana xD

But thank you! :)


Year 13 Day 309 16:40
it also only allows you to kick NPCs with the capacity methid, as far as Im aware

Year 13 Day 309 17:50
I think I remember the option was removed maybe 1-2 years ago. dont know the reason though.

Year 13 Day 309 18:04
It was lost with the update to the position interface, along with a bunch of other things as well. It just hasn't been brought back, despite repeated requests for it.


Year 13 Day 309 20:02
If it's not a droid. Kill it?



Year 13 Day 309 22:13

But I need these guys alive. Well ... not so much 'need' as 'want'.



Year 13 Day 309 22:20
Sadly, the only way to do it now is to arrest them and move them off like that.

I guess, since that's an option, they see this as a not-so-pressing issue compared to many other things going on.

Year 13 Day 309 23:56
Deleted Post
Sylvin Macflint
Deleted by Sylvin Macflint. Reason: same as above
Year 13 Day 310 1:10
Not really an 'option', imho :-/

Get A/E privs just to move someone off your ship, or worse have to faction hop. Only really a practical option for about 5% of the Combine and a lot of trouble just to move one snoozer off your shippy.


Year 13 Day 310 1:54
Sylvin Macflint

If their presence aboard your ship really bothers you, and you're tight with your faction leader they should be able to remove them for you.
Or you may be able to contact a security agency and arrange removal, but they may charge a bit more for going on a ship owned by someone else.
Or possibly assign them several uglies docked aboard your ship and contact them via DM and ask them to board the craft when next they are on the game so you can undock those ships once they are aboard.

Year 13 Day 310 2:04
It doesn't really "bother" me so much that these folk are onboard. It does bother me that I can't boot them in a simple fashion though. If they're both faction members your suggestion might be an option for me (I have 2 inactive people onboard), but only one is. So for the second I'd need to arrange A/E privs outside my faction.

Yes it's possible. Yes it's a viable work around. Yes it's a royal pain in the butt hehe

I'd rather just click the 'boot' button and put them off my ship.

But hey, at least I can wield dual weapons now ...


Year 13 Day 310 2:22
Sylvin Macflint

You should be able to arrest the out of faction character as well within space controlled by your faction or uncontrolled space and move them safely off the ship then release them. You could/should contact the faction the other character belongs to and make them aware of your intentions, and so long as no one was hurt they would probably be happy as well because the player would not be trapped aboard a moving ship. you could release them in an escape pod and make it over to that character so at most you'll be out 100k.

Anyway best of luck with this.. tootles :)

Year 13 Day 310 2:40
I know, it's just annoying that I can't simply boot.

Thanks for your extra advice Sylvin =)

Although just between you and I, I don't think Erica wants them off her ship, least not permanently. I believe she ultimately wants them back onboard but unconscious .... ;o

Thus there is a diabolical method to her booting madness.