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Archives » Wait period between prospecting.
Year 13 Day 310 17:09
Sylvin Macflint

If an area was prospected and no materials were found, what period of time must elapse before re-prospecting could successfully find new deposits.

Year 13 Day 310 17:39
AN infininte amount of time. RM deposits do not change their deposits after a period of time. If you find nothing, either there is nothing there or you need a better sensor power/com ops skill to find it.

THe only time reprospecting would be worth it is either if you do any of the above, or you deplete an existing deposit, in which case it will reroll for a new deposit.


Year 13 Day 310 18:18
Sylvin Macflint

Exhausting an existing deposit is the situation I'm in here Ellias,
I thought at one time I saw data stating you need to wait either a week or a month before trying again, but I can't seem to find that again and I may in fact be wrong about that.. not 100%

So if I re prospect will that only search for the next most likely material (in which case I need do it again repeatedly, or will it search for any and all materials?

Year 13 Day 311 0:14
Ben Camden

You just need to empty it before reprospecting and you're good.


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Year 13 Day 311 3:45
Sylvin Macflint


Year 13 Day 311 4:09
You seem to be confused about the term "re-prospecting".

There can only 1 type of deposit in a city.
Once it is discovered, it stays there until it is completely depleted.
After that you have again the chance to find something new.
With the same chance as in the first place.

(And prospecting on an existing deposit is not possible.)


Year 13 Day 311 4:11
Basically, each terrain square has a certain RM that is present with the relevant prospect number you need to reach to find it. So if you don't find anything, either there is nothing there, or that prospect number is higher than what you can reach. This number will not change over time, so repropsecting with the same sensor power and comp ops skill will always get the same result. Trying with a higher sensor power, or with higher comp ops skill might then get you above the threshold and so find a new deposit.

If you deplete a grid of RMs, then you can prospect immediately if you so wish - it instantly recalcs the RMs present etc.


Year 13 Day 311 6:39
Loftano Drak

Guys, I think he's asking if there is a timer where if no deposits are discovered when after using max sensors and max comp op. Which in any case, usually no chance of it.

However, there was something mentioned, years ago, about a % chance to keep trying once maxed out but it was some ridiculous chance in odds, although never confrmed/denied, afaik in recollection.

Year 13 Day 311 16:07
Sylvin Macflint

Yes, thank you Loftano, and thank you again Ellias for your clarity on this, I understand now what Ben was trying to tell me, and yes the current deposit is completely depleted. Although I was hoping perhaps a time delay between attempts at prospecting was a reason for finding no further deposits. But I will have to try again when I can max my comp skill level. Thank you all very much.

Year 13 Day 311 19:21
Yeah, there is no period of time when the deposit chance will reroll, except once a deposit is depleted.

I like the think that the grids that have no RMs, even when we use the maximum com ops and sensors now do have a deposit, but the numbers are larger than what we can get now. And then once R&D comes, hopefully we can get mining prospector vehicles with even higher sensor power so we can then find them. But I have no idea if that would be true.


Year 13 Day 312 8:45
So if I'm reading this correctly, if you have level 5 Comp skill and you use 12 SX-65 Groundhog, and you find no deposits, that means there is nothing there since it's impossible to get a higher rating than that correct?

Year 13 Day 312 9:58
Blot Hlidskjalf

nope, it means there is nothing what you can find.
maybe later with higher sensors (R&D?) you could be able to reveal the deposit.

Year 13 Day 312 16:58
Darian Dash

My prospecting team has noticed that any deposits found before the galactic shift have a higher chance of coming up empty once depleted and reprospected.
Slabs that came up empty before the shift have been showing deposits once reprospected.
It's my belief that the score assigned to each slab actually moved with the galactic shift and it has caused some people to question if the deposits get another chance when found to be empty.


Year 13 Day 312 19:14
Vonar, yes. Although, as I said earlier, if R&D allows for vehicles to be made with even more mining sensors than the Groundhog, such 'empty' grids may then reveal deposits. It just depends on whether grids do allow for 0 RMs to be there, or if every grid has RMs just at such a high threshold value that at the moment it is impossible to uncover.


Year 13 Day 313 4:45
Loftano Drak

Its all based on probability, and the rule of thumb has always been, once you get a higher combination of either Comp Op, or Sensors into the equation, there is a chance again.

So technicallya higher sensored prospector should be able to continue the probability to discover new deposits.

Year 13 Day 313 7:03
Sorry, to clarify my question, I was referring to what we have available today.