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Archives » City/Facility Construction.
Year 13 Day 311 4:34
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

I am helping a friend with a build project and we have hit a little snag that could cause us a bit of time loss.

I have found that I need to submit build requests which he then needs to accept before I can build. While I see that as a valuable feature it baffles me that I can not build facilities in a city when I am the Administrator and Chief Administrator of the city plus Magistrate of the Planet.

I am posting this here because I am not sure if it is intended to work this way, or if its a bug.

Year 13 Day 311 4:40
I think you should be able to accept those Requests yourself if you have those cities assigned. At least it worked like that about a year ago I believe.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Year 13 Day 311 5:19
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

I tried accepting the request but it would not let me do it oddly enough.

Given it has been awhile since I have done facility construction, but I dont remember it being this annoying.

Year 13 Day 311 5:23
You can ask him to send you the cities while you are building on them.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Year 13 Day 311 6:00
Nope. It's purely for RP, though multiple suggestions have been made to make it so you can accept build requests.


Year 13 Day 311 7:28
Ben Camden

You should, however, be able to submit an entire city designer code - unless of course that part is broke.


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Year 13 Day 311 15:12
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

I saw that on the page but was unsure exactly how it worked.

Though he made the city over to me so that issue is solved for now. Thanks for the help guys and gals.