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Year 13 Day 315 9:48
I don't know if you guys have any control over what ads Google chooses to run on the site, but I am getting increasingly irritated by the ads advertising such things as online games that offer "one click for a roman orgy". I love this game, but I don't want to have ads like that shoved in my face hundreds of times a day.

I also don't want to block ads entirely because, as I understand it, that hurts the revenue that you guys gain from having the ads in the first place. I am just confused about what to do. Is there another way that I can avoid certain ads?


Year 13 Day 315 15:03
Christian Hall

Yes. That ad will be odd to explain to people who don't understand what website I'm actually on.

Year 13 Day 322 22:58
Korvas Varik

I was always under the impression that google ads are generated by previous user search queries

Year 13 Day 323 13:36
SWC is far more heavily run on donations than on ad revenue. And especially if you might be impacted by others seeing ads, don't feel bad about running adblock if it helps you.

I'm unsure SWC has any control over the ad content in the case of google ads, but I'll leave that for someone else to address.



Year 13 Day 323 19:36
Christian Hall

Are orgies even PG-13(T/16+ rated since we are technically a game :P)?

If so, then Adblock it is. If not, then I'll still be getting Adblock, but the Higher-ups might want to figure something out about that one.

Year 13 Day 323 20:18
Kendall Holm

Since when does the qualification as a game automatically assume it is PG-13(ish) rated? A game can be rated for any house monkey to for adults only. They say we like to maintain a PG-13 atmosphere but dont really allow mild cussing so its more along the lines of PG.


Year 13 Day 324 0:46
Christian Hall

Well actually, PG-13 ratings....are for movies <_<

Anyway, it's the wording that got me. I see the pg-13 sign, and think that's what we are rated, but if thats just the atmosphere we like to maintain thenI've been thinking about it wrong.

However, the principal still stands that that ad isn't in sync with what seems to be the intended atmosphere of the game.

Year 13 Day 324 2:07
Maha Michi

Well, I'm not sure what the intended rating/atmosphere of the game is; however, it seems to be adult in quite a few ways. References to alcohol quite often... listings for custom NPCs (concubines, body servants, etc.) on CPM and in the forums... quite a few references (sig/avi/words used) to violence (in some cases, extreme).... and perverse topics/language (more so in IRC, but crosses into the forums as well). It is not for 13 year olds. It is easily for 18 or older.

For example, Impa Xio posted a pic in one of the Neria threads (later questioned by Rawth as Ron Jeremy). For a 13yo that was playing this game, doesn't know who Ron Jeremy is and then did a google search, what would they find?

Example of forum posts (from http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=57400&page=2)
Lex: "I'd wrestle with Neria.... what? Hi..."
Neria: "Not with that mask you are wearing"

Also IRC quote thread provides a lot of non-PG13 references.


Year 13 Day 324 8:15
IRC I can avoid as well as certain forum topics, but when the same garbage is popping up unavoidably on every page I go to, that's when it bothers me.

Thank you for the response! I think I shall go a-hunting for a good adblocker then.


Year 13 Day 324 14:37
As game ratings are more appropriate to compare to a game than film ratings, consider that the ESRB ratings are only based on a game's own content. Online interactions do not fall under the heading of that content (hence the warnings that "your game experience may change during online play").

Even online games have rules and enforcement and the like, but constant vigilance remains impossible, and is to be expected for online gaming and interactions. That doesn't itself make a game unsuitable for teenagers under 18; presumably there is some degree of internet exposure said individual is permitted in the first place, and such things cannot fall within the confines of game ratings.

Obviously that mindset applies to advertising, as well, and it seems to me that far more people are interested in policing what is/is not acceptable for someone else hypothetical 17 year old to see, forgetting their own forays into far more explicit areas at that age, than considering the context of the situation.

To that end, Maha Michi, the mere mention of Ron Jeremy is perfectly appropriate (provided no explicit descriptions or images of his work are included), and if that hypothetical 13 year old you have arbitrarily invented for yourself chooses to google him, perhaps it isn't your job to tell him what he can and cannot google. Perhaps you should leave the parenting to his parents, who surely understand the "dangers" of random google searches, as well as the functionality of SafeSearch that google itself provides, as well as parenting software that enables the blocking of sites they deem inappropriate.

(Although realistically speaking, I'd be impressed if you could point me to a 13 year old who isn't aware of porn. Ron Jeremy specifically, sure perhaps not, but in what society are you people living where everyone is so sheltered that they can't stomach the mere mention of such things?)



Year 13 Day 327 16:46
Dan Hakim

I think this thread is loosely connected to my point; what's going on with the CP voting sites?

Quite a few are now not working properly and one of the ones that did is now so full of links to porn sites that SWC can no longer make the top 50, making it impossible to find to vote for it.


Year 13 Day 329 6:21
Alexander von Ismay

Example of forum posts (from http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=57400&page=2)
Lex: "I'd wrestle with Neria.... what? Hi..."
Neria: "Not with that mask you are wearing"

- Prude

Oh my God. Really?
You know, PG-13 allows some cussing, and drinking. It's life. Can't handle it? Stay inside, and put on a helmet (as Ron White says).

If you can't handle it, it's not our fault to police you. You can leave, no one is making you stay. While leaving wouldn't be the best, as we want everyone to play and have fun, there are a select few that take the PG-13 and prudishness to an extreme.

I mean. We have men, pretending to be ladies. Then they talk about how large their boobs are, and how tight their dresses are.

That screams nonPG-13.

Nice try trying to single me out though.


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 13 Day 331 12:51
What does cros the line are those stupit jokes about raping Var and friends spew out everyday on chat, it needs to stop. I don't see whats so funny about that.