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Year 13 Day 315 13:25
Currently, most powerful rifles in game, not including snipers, are DLT-20a, HB-5 and maybe Valken cause of range. ELG-3A is more powerful and Relby is close to it. And with dual wield those two have even more power. Will it change, or it is planed like that?

Year 13 Day 315 14:57
Christian Hall

Pistols sacrifice range for power. Rifle sacrifice power for range. And the ones you listed just happen to be very well built rifles.

Year 13 Day 315 17:41
Also stats are still in fluctuation. Likely once players try dual wielding more, that admins can see what effect that is having and tweak further.


Year 13 Day 315 20:24
Jake Peterson

But none of those listed can dual wield... Except the Relby K-23.

Edit: Add on the second sentence.

Edited By: Jake Peterson on Year 13 Day 315 20:26
Year 13 Day 315 22:37
ELG can be dual wielded too. And nowhere in world pistols sacrifice range for power. Rifles have both precision and power on there side. So my question still stands, will it be changed or it is done in name of balance, for better gamplay? I dont mind either, just would be nice to know, so we can better organize our weapon acquisition.

Year 13 Day 316 5:22
Alexander von Ismay

I gave up on the stats, since they have, and will change again.
I got around then, I am just buying everything in mass.

That way... I'm prepared.


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 13 Day 316 5:29
Helena Gladio

Same here. Send in your offers on mass bulk loads of stuff with delivery!



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 13 Day 316 11:37
Some weapons are better than others. That's intended and it was like that before, as well (though weapons are much more balanced now overall than they were before this update in terms of their overall output across the board). If all were identical there wouldn't need to be any diversity in weapons whatsoever. In this case, of the two dual-wieldable weapons you mention, one is faction restricted and one is publicly available, so this seems okay. Snipers intended to pack the biggest punch, of course.

Specifics subject to change right up until release of full ground combat.

Edited By: Syn on Year 13 Day 316 11:38