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Archives » Cannot log in (not password related)

Alright, here's the deal. I'm a returning player and I'm trying to login, but I don't remember my handle. I tried using my email instead, but it tells me to confirm my email address before logging in. I checked my inbox hoping I still had that confirmation email, but unfortunatly I don't. Could someone help me please?

I recommend you file a support ticket here:

Include all neccessary information (like e-mail-adress and handle, maybe you remember again.)

And an ASim will look into your matter.


Isn't there a forgotten password option to allow for this thing? Put your email in there and I presume it will inform you of the various details.

Of course, if you have been away a while (9 months at least) and hadn't gotten past level 1 your character would of been deleted, and you'd need to make a new account. But best to check other options before doing this as you could be banned.



I figured the remember password button is for passwords, but I'll give it a try. I'm aware of the nine mouth account deletion and it definately hasn't been that long since I last logged in.

However, if your character were dropped and was pending recreation does the nine mouths still apply or is the inactivity period shorter?


Tried the forgotten password thing, it told me my email was invalid.


Problem, you need your handle to open a support ticket. I have no clue what it was.

I am sure you can also enter your real name, or any other random name.
Just enter a valid e-mail adress so that you can be contacted.

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Your handle is Ryasska Kerr. What e-mail address are you trying?



Thanks for giving me my handle. I tried three diffrent email addresses, two of which are actually accociated with my account at present according to the account settings page.

Thanks again, everyone, for your help.