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Archives » How do I move escape pods?
Year 13 Day 323 7:44
This probably wins the "Star Wars Combine Most Stupid Question" reward (its real....) but How do I go about moving escape pods from point A to point B? Do I get in it and dock it or is there some other way?

Thank you for your time.

Year 13 Day 323 7:58
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Dock them or tracker them


Year 13 Day 323 7:59
Thank you very much for the fast reply

Year 13 Day 323 11:07
I take it I cant tractor them through hyperspace? I would have to dock them for that?

Year 13 Day 323 11:23
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Once you tractor it places the entity in the docking bay

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 13 Day 323 13:14

Year 13 Day 323 12:52
You require an entity with both a tractor beam and a docking bay; the escape pods will dock in the larger ship, enabling transport.

Year 13 Day 324 18:41
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
You can also use a ship without a tractor beam, but with a docking bay,
Such as the YV666.
Enter the escape pod at the same location as the YV and -travel-dock-select board YV-travel to control room of YV-and hyper the pods to their new homes.

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 13 Day 327 8:31