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Out of curiosity, will how DCs work be changed slightly? We have the DC item, and a while back factions with DCs got these items stored elsewhere briefly. Either way, will there be a way to sell/give DCs (not rent) to other factions either keeping it for the original faction as well, or just a pure transfer? Or will each faction be limited to what they can unlock? If we can transfer DCs between factions, would this affect where they can unlock new entities on their R&D tree, or would it then just count as current DCs would be, and just add leaves without allowing research to be done from that point?


I really dont want to see ship/vehicle/info/medical/mining factions unlocking stuff, then sending the DCs to their current gov faction. In the end it would be govs holding a crapton of DCs and the factions just using it. Negates any sort of risk of theft and such in the future.

As for offering DCs to competing factions, not sure why you would want to do that, could just make it so that if a ship faction produces a ship from a borrowed DC they can have some way of keeping the DC.


At least in the beginning, DCs will remain as they are as a non-physical object.

We've discussed a little about stealable/transferable DCs, but there's pros and cons to both. For the time being, it'll be simpler to say no to it for now, and make the datapads the objects that are stealable. It's kinda-sorta the same thing, but not quite.


@Jesfa On this I think that once you are able to break into a facility or station, ie post combat, and reach the control room I think it is an idea to allow you to hack, as an action, and steal any DC designs currently loaded into that station, if you have a datapad and the right slicing skills. It would add a new dimension to the game.


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