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Archives » Vehicle Production. Bug or ?
Year 13 Day 324 17:29
I am not sure if this is a bug. I have a few factories in a city that I am using. [Mind you no storage facilities, so I load all in my bulk/factories.], I managed to start and build one vehicle so far. I have more than enough Raw Materials at the place, but I keep getting this:

Material Required Have
Meleenium 225 505
Quantum 21 93
Ardanium 43 71
Rudic 19 141
Tibannagas 13 0
Lommite 10 42
I am not sure why it says that. I checked all the other factories, they say the same aswell. What do I do, is it a bug?

Year 13 Day 324 18:07
Maha Michi

and you have the Tibanna in the factory/BFF that it is saying you need? Is the Tibanna owned by another person/faction?


Year 13 Day 324 19:17
Yes I have it there. All owned by me.

Year 13 Day 324 20:00
Maha Michi

I'd say check and see if it has not already been reported, then if not... file a bug report.

Looks similar to:
RMs in shipyards show up as not available for production

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Year 13 Day 324 20:17
Kendall Holm

The producing Faction must own the Mats. The bug Maha Michi was resolved by me for the same reason.


Year 13 Day 324 22:22
1.2.5/Raw Materials The materials used in production may be owned by:

the facility/station operator
the manager
the owner
the person starting production
or the faction of the person starting production (if the individual has Level 1 'Raw Materials' privilege)

So this has been changed?

Year 13 Day 324 22:38
Kendall Holm

The rues havent been updated yet. The people who handle that are slacking

[13:15:16] +KendallHolm> do the RMs have to be owned by the producing faction
[13:16:11] &Sin> Yes
[13:30:32] +KendallHolm> they are bitching that it is not what the rules state
[13:40:27] Veynom [veynom@simmaster.swcombine.com] has quit IRC: Quit:
[13:43:04] &Zhao> Yes, the rules aren't up to date

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 13 Day 324 22:43

Year 13 Day 324 23:05
Blot Hlidskjalf

that is not correct.

i started 2 ships yesterday. the rm's were definitely not owned by the production faction.
they were owned by the station-owner and it worked

Year 13 Day 324 23:30
Well it worked! Thank you so much.

Year 13 Day 325 0:10
Thanks for quick answer, with RMs you want to be sure :)

And not bitching, just asking.

Year 13 Day 325 7:47
Kendall Holm

Then that would be a bug Blot Hlidskjalf as you see Sin said it isnt supposed to work that way


Year 13 Day 325 9:00
Blot Hlidskjalf

so it's a bug too, that the rm will not be taken from the center-shipyard 4.
it's only took the rm, when the yard/x7 had "sensor contact" to the yard in the center.
x7 directly left to the sy4 had no problems taking the rm.
sy1 left below the sy4 could not take the rm's.

all stations were assigned correctly, all rm were owned by the station owner.

Year 13 Day 325 11:27
Vito Royan

Good shit Sal. Also I was confused when he first told me about this. Actually you are right I think either the facility owner or main production faction must own the RM NOT the operator. I just built some fighters which my faction owned I only had to hop for privs no RM makeover. I am not sure though if I am right but thats how it works for me



Year 13 Day 325 11:38
Deleted Post
Kendall Holm
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