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Year 13 Day 328 10:36
Shobba Pau

Was curious how it is determined what factions receive Data Cards/ When and If a faction should be allotted one etc..?

I assume that the majority if not all Data Cards were distributed a long time ago but noticed there are some factions existing/existed that you would think might be allotted a Data Card.

i.e. Soro Suub is part of the Star Wars realm and had their own designs..

Loronar Corporation, although now dissolved, had original plans etc.

I am sure there are more..


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Year 13 Day 328 11:21
Canon doesn't really play much part in this game. I.e. Mandalmotors has a YT-2000 DC, while Corellian Engineering Corporation doesn't have any YT DCs. I don't believe the admins have any plans on distributing any more DCs, although with R&D, factions should be able to research pre-existing DCs.


Year 13 Day 328 11:26
Shobba Pau

So in terms of R&D -

If I started a Ship Faction - could I potentially research and obtain my own Data Card?


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Six Stars is not enough...
Year 13 Day 328 11:35
I think so (or at least hope so), but I don't know for sure since R&D isn't out yet


Year 13 Day 328 12:46
Shobba, yes, the DCs that currently are assigned to factions were all doled out at/near the start of production, with very few if any added sicne then. Don't expect any more pre-R&D. I wasn't quite a faction elader when Prod came out, ut I do recall a bit of a horse-trading and balancing aspect to the DC distribution to try and keep close to canon as best possible, but also not to make any of the existing factions at the time over powered or useless.

As for R&D and future DCs. when R&D comes out, every faction will start at the bottom and can "learn" any of the DCs on their tree, per what's been said so far by the Devs. So if you start a ship faction, you'll be able to R&D every ship DC on that ship tree... btu it'll be the same DCS every other ship faction can research. If you folow different paths on the tree, its quite possible you can R&D ships that no-one else has found yet. Without knowing what the tree will look like, its hard to say how likely or possible that would be... depends on how many ship factions rush up the tree to go find the SSDs and large caps, versus others who might be looking for the better fighters or freighters.


Year 13 Day 328 16:35
DCs were originally handed out based on what factions were originally around when production was implemented and the last Dc's were distributed. Some have been given since the combine went into Beta mode officially near the end of Red Scenarios I believe, though I joined a couple of years after that point just prior to production being released, so I saw the last ones handed out for items etc.


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Year 13 Day 329 6:13
Alexander von Ismay

They've been reshuffled a few times. I wouldn't count on it ever happening again. R&D should solve all the issues.

I recall a time when Aurora had the L-500 (which is now the C-3).

About the time they gave Anzat/FF/Wraths/Black Sun their datacards, they also gave out some more to production factions (as I believe more ships where introduced).


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Year 13 Day 329 6:31
Ben Camden

Incidentally Sorosuub did have their own DCs, however the old faction with that name was merged with Incom a while back.

Just because a faction has a specific name have no bearing if it had those DCs, or if another faction used to have the name, and thus the DCs.


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Year 13 Day 329 11:36
Yeah, that's another good point, faction mergers cause DC mergers. Teh current Sorosuub was not the one that merged into the NR, so old Sorosuub DCs are now in Incom... faction mergers ar the same reson that Merr-Sonn has so darned many DCs these days.


Year 13 Day 331 4:40
Jan Hutti

I thought that Factions could not merge? How does this happen?

Year 13 Day 331 5:20
The two factions talk about it, shake hands, and click the merge button. FOr sull rules, read the rules pages on factions.