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Year 13 Day 331 20:29
Gort Horth

Is there any expectation that the special skills for various NPC's will one day be enabled that have not already been? In particular, I'm thinking about warship pilots, fighter pilots, medics. . .stuff that would have useful purpose but right now there's no reason to train them. One wonders if warship pilots are not expected to ever provide some useful purpose, why they are for sale and why some factions pay them each month and level them.

It's easy to see how such NPC's could be of value. If putting fighter pilots in your faction's fighters grants the fighters the bonus movement of their fighter piloting skill, and bonus to hit and damage of fighter combat, then it seems like its worth having and leveling said pilots.

Same with medics. If med treatment isn't ever going to be used for NPC's, why do hospitals sell them? Is it safe to assume their medical treatment skill will one day be enabled? And what about the squad leaders mentioned in the rules (unless that has changed--I haven't checked recently.) Is the infantry command skill going to be implemented with NPC's or no?


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Year 13 Day 332 17:09
Korvas Varik

Not sure about the others but at one time medic npc's actually did heal you for a cost. It would be nice to have them back again.

Year 13 Day 332 18:22
The thing is, a lot of NPCs were added way back when, before a lot of the features we have now were around. So they were introduced with the idea they would be used for x feature, but as the game has matured, those bits have changed.

Obviously, uses for them will be added once more about their relevant features have been added. You can also make suggestions. ie I made a suggestion about using medic NPCs and droids to help boost time/HP healed when in a party.