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Archives » RPS-6 Rocket Launcher Stats
Year 13 Day 332 20:05
Nah Olos

I've been away for a few weeks... I can see that this weapons stats have changed since I've last been on. I can't seem to find any discussion as to why this was changed. Could someone help me out with a link?

Thanks guys.


Year 13 Day 332 20:27
Korvas Varik

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will respond in time but I believe it has to do with the fact that ammo has been removed from the equation and thus weapons stats have been recalculated

Year 13 Day 332 22:34
April Woods

From Technical Sim news "Weapons Update":
Click here

Some additional notes to address some of the questions that have come up-- Heavy weapons (e.g. rocket launcher) do currently seem underpowered compared to other weapons. To my knowledge this is because they will be intended to target hull, rather than player HP values, so this is a matter of their not being fully implemented....

- Syn

Edited By: April Woods on Year 13 Day 332 22:38
Year 13 Day 332 23:06
Not only ammo, but also the change where the number of hits stopped being a random value and weapons were just assigned a number of hits to fire. This unbalanced many weapons significantly. Jesfa and I just brought the stats a bit more in line, under those new circumstances.

Thrown and heavy weapons are not considered implemented (as per April Woods' posted quote, which is the information Zhao gave me about heavy weapons) and will have their stats redone when Zhao decides just how he wishes to code them. Otherwise, individual weapon stats may of course be modified in the future, particularly for any significant canon discrepancies that won't be too detrimental to game balance, but overall the PWs and NPWs should all be functioning within a fairly reasonable set of parameters, compared to the significant imbalance the hit changes created. Basically, it is better than before but not perfect right now, IMO.

It's hard to be more concrete with answers about combat, unfortunately, since the entire function of NPC/creature combat is to create a combat test environment. It's very much a gradual step-by-step process and I think we all hesitate to call anything about it absolutely concrete right now.



Year 13 Day 333 13:19
Nah Olos

I appreciate you guys taking the time to reply. I think I kinda understand the reasoning for the changes.


Year 13 Day 340 17:23
Sol Mazer

To my knowledge this is because they will be intended to target hull, rather than player HP values, so this is a matter of their not being fully implemented....

Will there be a damage modifier for these weapons if fighting, say, a naturally armored opponent? Wouldn't some creature's natural armor be a "hull?"

What about heavily armored foot soldiers? Heavy Battle Armour as an example... maybe soldiers with shields as well.

Basically, I love this weapon.... I hope that the values are adjusted to reflect the many possibilities that I'll face in combat.


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Year 13 Day 340 18:51
To soon to say, I imagine. Wait for vehicle/hull rules to be worked on. Perhaps damage on HP will be some percentage of damage on hull, but this does necessitate working out the foundations of vehicle combat before further brainstorming since the stats will all need to be looked at for balance (shield, hull, HP, personal armor..). Right now heavy weapons are just nerfed across the board as a placeholder of sorts so they don't just flat out overpower everything and aren't encouraged as the weapon of choice on foot (for pvp testing, and even pve testing right now, it is preferable that people are using non-heavy weapons so the data accumulated from this is more relevant than something still to be determined).

Current timeline of stuff being worked on involves armour stats, thrown weapon implementation, and pvp testing. I'm not sure what is on the table for the next priority.

Edited By: Syn on Year 13 Day 340 18:52


Year 13 Day 341 5:59
Sol Mazer

Totally reasonable-> thank you for your reply, Syn. It helped to clear things up... especially with regard to keeping it from being the weapon of choice in PvP scenarios.

Edited By: Sol Mazer on Year 13 Day 341 8:14

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