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Year 13 Day 335 7:43
Shritzu Shakaran

Is combat finished(been away for 1.4 years)

Year 13 Day 335 7:54


[00:16:42] &Gio> i don't suck at art < Proof Gio doesn't suck at art people.
Year 13 Day 335 8:31
You can already fight creatures and bandits (NPC mobs).

They will fight back and kill your NPCs/droids (party) but will reduce your own HP to 1 (not below).

There is no PvP or EvE combat yet

Year 13 Day 335 21:06
Zhao has publicly mentioned here and there that the next step will be PVP ground-based testing; he wanted to set up some PVP planets where players can meet up and fight each other down to 1 HP.

Obviously after the testing phase it will be lethal, but the rationale here is that it would really suck if players started getting killed off because of bugs or if further changes prove to be necessary to the current set of combat equations, and what better way to test this than some free-for-all PVP. :p

Edit/note to self: hopefully some armor + shield functionalities can be better implemented before that point as well.

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Year 13 Day 335 21:33
Shritzu Shakaran

Thank you. feel sorta like rip van winkle....

Year 13 Day 336 3:45
I would be happy to help testing in anyway I can.


Year 13 Day 336 4:01
Then wait for Zhao to code it and show up to the aforementioned planets?

That is, assuming you aren't banned from SWC by then, which is quite likely to happen in the near future if you continue your ongoing trend of impersonation and harassment.

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