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Year 13 Day 349 8:35
I was just wondering what the position is on the RP of lightsabers for new FS characters, both on WS and in the Meeting Hall, whilst lightsaber construction is out of action?

Year 13 Day 349 13:06
Xakic Jix

Most RP with what you really have in the game.



Year 13 Day 349 13:32
I am aware of the general rule, but I was wondering whether there was any grey area here as it is not currently possible for new FS' to acquire a lightsabre.

I ask mainly because I am struggling to come up with a good IC reason my character would not have a sabre. At least, one that wouldn't conflict with the fact that he will get one as soon as construction is reintroduced.

Year 13 Day 349 14:40
I don't think anyone is really going to complain about you RPing having a lightsaber if you're FS. The saber construction system being down right now is an OOC issue preventing you from creating one, not an IC issue.



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Year 13 Day 349 15:16
I am struggling to come up with a good IC reason my character would not have a sabre 

If you're a part of a large Force order I can understand this, but if you're not I would mostly just attribute it to most of the Jedi being killed off and everyone trying to "rebuild" their forces. Would make sense that the ancient art of saber crafting might fall by the wayside to those not supremely connected.

Anyway, it's not "impossible" to "acquire" a lightsaber, as it used to be (when they weren't even items), but I agree with Meph that most probably won't care if you pretend to have one for now. Though it could get amusing when it's re-introduced, if you're currently in a RP and don't have one at that point. ;)

Year 13 Day 350 4:17
As a GM in WS I wouldn't be bothered in FS people would want to RP with a lightsaber without having it in Darkness, though some kind of proof about being FS people might want.


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Year 13 Day 351 13:58
Laz Uli

As GM/moderator I'd have no issue with it either. It's not your fault that construction is currently offline.