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Year 13 Day 351 9:09
I recently mentioned this game to bunch of old SWG friends and about 5 have or are trying to sign up. One of them got slapped with an IP Ban for trying two names you didn't like. I find this a little absurd, but granted I only see his side of the story.

Is it common practice to ban new players so quickly while they try to wrap their heads around the naming rules?


Year 13 Day 351 9:14
The Naming rules are pretty straight forward. I'm assuming twice he tried to use something very offensive and that's why they ip banned him.


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Year 13 Day 351 9:25
The names he tried to use were not offensive at all. They were simply names he had used for years in Galaxies and wanted to keep something similar.


Year 13 Day 351 10:01
We've not IP banned anyone.

Please get your friend to email and ask about it, but we don't ban new players without a handle.


Year 13 Day 351 10:07
OK, good to know. Maybe he was just messing with me. I'll check with him and relay the message.