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Year 13 Day 358 7:38
Sylvin Macflint

Several of the R-41s I have allow me to enter but not to access ship controls, I am listed as pilot and commander and all systems are 100%. Is anyone else having similar issues?

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Year 13 Day 358 7:59
Try exiting the ship and re-entering it - if you are assigned as pilot while you are already in the cockpit it can get a little confused and not realise that you should be able to access the cockpit page.


Year 13 Day 358 8:38
Sylvin Macflint

I believe you're right about the pilot feature being the issue, Ellias. However I was assigned before I ever entered the craft. I've changed the pilot assignment to none and back to myself, and will be in position to try and pilot them again within the next day or so. I will let you know what I find. Thanks Ellias..

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Year 13 Day 358 18:35
Another person said that their JM5000 isn't allowing control either. As he's a newer player, I'm making him check to see if there's another room (I believe there is on a JM5k) and if it's just player error.


Year 13 Day 358 19:46
Sylvin Macflint

This happened right after I moved them while NPC controlled, setting them to NPC seemed a little hinkey as well as I received several error messages about party being full. But I'll try to erform action again when next I'm in orbit. Just wondering if this was widespread??

Year 13 Day 358 20:43
Hmm, in that case it might be a bug related to the Sim News posted updates about parties etc. Have a look on the bug base to see if there is something similar, and if so add a note, and if not make a new one - remember to add all relevant details.


Year 13 Day 359 4:59
Sylvin Macflint

tried again and everything smooth and functional musta had some bad mojo going at the time. Seems To Be Resolved :)

Year 13 Day 359 22:33
Ay, it was a misunderstanding with my fellow. No issues now.


Year 13 Day 360 15:49
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