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Year 13 Day 363 15:41
So im at a point where i start to build stations and facility's in this game, but if i want to built a city, i have to do it on planets not owned by the faction im with. If i want to build a station, im banned to deeps space or a system with one lousy asteroid in it, wich sucks if you want to rp as citizen of the faction your in. Ive been hearing around with others and everywhere i get the same answer. "security risk" And thats all i get as answer.

so my question is: What security risk?
And honestley its a lousy way to threat your members like that, that have busted their ass for the faction they are in.

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Year 13 Day 363 16:08
Ka`rla Leakey

That is a question best asked on your factions forum as its their rule.

Edit: For a more detailed reason as to why a faction may not like you to have personal stations, you may die or sell the station and then it can be owned by a potential enemy.

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Year 13 Day 363 16:23


Some factions do allow building n their space. Blame your faction :/


Year 13 Day 363 16:29
Well most factions seem to be that way, altough i just got a DM from a faction that allows it lol. But still, why would it be such a great risk if its owned by the ennemy? If combat is done, you just destroy the ennemy's station, not? So it would be foolish to buy up stations that will be destroyed as soon you can shoot in space, same counts for facility's.


Year 13 Day 363 16:39
Its just a lame excuse used for ages, there is no real security risk. You can part a capital ship in the system and its the same.

Though personally I wouldn't let people build in my system too, but because I wouldn't want others own facilities there.


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Year 13 Day 363 18:30
It is also possibly because they want to keep space open for their own stations.


Year 13 Day 363 21:19
Brand Malden

I can tell you, most factions always say no to anything built in their space. I've offered to build a public use trading station for so many factions in their systems I've long since lost count. So far out of them all I've had 2 agree to let us build, and one was only due to them selling the system shortly after.


Year 13 Day 364 7:45
Xer`rac Jobal

im banned to deeps space or a system with one lousy asteroid in it wich sucks if you want to rp as citizen of the faction your in.

- Neria Derycke

Wait, so your faction gives you a system to build in and you are complaining because it isn't the system that you want? Sounds like a Hissy fit to me. Also as a citizen of said faction surely its your duty to abide by their laws and rules?

As others have stated perhaps this would be dealt better in private with your faction rather than here.

Year 13 Day 364 13:44
Thank you for answering my question Xer`rac, yes i already had a discussion with them ofcourse.


Year 13 Day 364 13:51
It is my understanding the systems with a single asteroid on them are highly desirable places to build because the civilization level can be easily raised on the asteroid; thus keeping production costs low. Building walls in the asteroid's cities is the method I've had described to me...


Year 13 Day 365 8:22
Some factions do allow their members to build in return for service; Black SUn has allowed this in many cases, so its not impossible. Perhaps your faction has less resources to spare.

Year 13 Day 365 8:55
They probaly want the space for there own.


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Year 13 Day 365 9:38
In terms fo building on planets, there are some legitimate security risks, in order to maintain control of planets, you need to maintain a control/ownership of the flat count.. and therefore also the power to prevent someone from messing with your ownership... through that might put limits on what you can build, it shouldn't be a reason for a total 'ban' on building.

Stations are a tricky matter, imho. since you can only build one station per system square, any private station is a space that can't later be used for faction stations, so prime locations (like orbits) will likely be off limits to even the most generous system owners.

As for security risks, part of the problem is that ship vs station combat (the mechanism most claim to be the 'easy way' to eliminate any stations that are sold) is so far down the line, no-one really knows what type of ship/fleet/etc will be needed to eliminate any stations that become a threat. And with no combat currently, other than buying the station, there is no way to eliminate that 'risk' one it exists. So the "risk" of an enemy owned station in your system is a question mark, and some factions will deal with that unknown risk differently. Its 'easier' to prevent the risk entirely by denying the station requests, of course, but as you say, it feels unfair to the requester.


Year 14 Day 3 11:59
For myself I am quite happy to build stations in an empty system as it gives me the freedom to put what I want where I want without constantly having to ask someone for permission.

I have to agree with Neria that when I was first told I couldn't build in the faction system I was a bit disappointed but after thinking about it I realised it was a good thing for me and the faction. They don't need to worry about running out of room or who I might sell it to, and I have the freedom to run my production sideline as and how I want.

By the time space combat comes into effect we will also have had the time to put our own defenses into position too. For building on planets, if I had a planet I wouldn't let anyone build on it , I would be too busy strip mining it :)

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