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Archives » moving satellites within a grid
Sylvin Macflint

Can satellites be moved within a current grid by a ship with a tractor beam but without a docking bay? Like say a bff bulk, or would a vessel like the quasar be needed? / Suggestions welcome..

Year 14 Day 3 10:48
Alexander von Ismay

Docking bay, as far as I know, is needed


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Year 14 Day 3 20:09
Sylvin Macflint

And there is no way to load a satellite onto say, a YV666 without a tractor beam I would imagine? Thanks Alexander I appreciate the response..

Year 14 Day 3 20:36
Tabty Haasza

There is no way to move a satellite without a tractor beam.


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Year 14 Day 3 20:51
Directly, no. You can get a ship with a tractor beam and a docking bay, and get the satellite on board. You can then use the load entity option to move them to another ship with a docking bay, like a YV-666. Then you can use the unload option to kick them out, without neededing further tractor beams.


Year 14 Day 3 21:41
Deleted Post
Sylvin Macflint
Deleted by Sylvin Macflint. Reason: not relevent
Year 14 Day 6 19:48
Sylvin Macflint

cannot load satellite from ship with docking bay and tractor beam to a ship with only docking bay; receive error message [satellite (ship without landing capacity cannot be loaded into docking bay)] but it was a good try..

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 14 Day 6 19:49