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Year 14 Day 6 19:29
Dan Hakim

Does being in the home system/sector of a given race increase your chances of hiring that race, or is it only home planets?


Year 14 Day 6 21:06
Grom De Ghrul

Drastically increases the chance of that race native to the planet. For every 12 hired, most likely 2 max that are non-native race.


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Year 14 Day 6 21:55
Dan, I'm pretty sure it's just the planet.

Year 14 Day 7 0:26
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I am completely sure that it's just on the actual planet.

Year 14 Day 7 1:00
It definitely is just on the homeworld planet. There was a suggestion for decreasing % chance the further you got away from the homeworld, but didn't make it too far as it got too unwieldy.


Year 14 Day 12 1:14
I hired a Fighter pilot on Corellia that ended up being a Sullustan.


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Year 14 Day 12 1:15
Are we sharing anecdotes now?

Year 14 Day 12 2:00
It is still only an 80% chance on a homeworld (rather than 100/total number of races% that it usually is that is), so yes you will get other races as well.


Year 14 Day 13 20:29
Tabty Haasza

Is it 80% or 90% chance when hiring from a homeworld? According to the rules, it's 90%:

The race of each NPC is based on the planet where hiring and on the restrictions linked to the race. When hiring on a homeworld, there is 90% chance to get a NPC from the native race. In all other cases, the race will be randomly selected. Stormtroopers are human by default.

- The Rules


If it is in fact 80%, rules should be updated.

Year 14 Day 13 22:24
Well, 90% then.