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Archives » A question about NPC skills-combat
As I am slowly leveling up my guys, I'm wondering where to put the specific skill points. Have people found it is better to increase dexterity or weapon proficiency? Has anybody tested to see which one is better to increase first-or just increase both as I slowly go along? Currently I am not interested in increasing strength Dodge or Stealth.



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Xakic Jix

I increase strength (for the HP) and the weapon Skill (for better accuracy) ...but this is just what I have found to work best for the way I hunt.



Gort Horth

According to the equation admin shared some months ago when the skills were reset, weapon skill has half as much to do with whether you hit as does dex. Weapons skill also modifies damage however. So it depends what weapons you're using and how many skills you use where you put your skill points. If you're building heavies with projectile skill too, then dex is probably going to be the better choice.


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I leveled dex higher before specific weapon skill, but I try to level both since the more you hit, the more xp you gain. :> I care less about killing quickly or I'd've perhaps prioritised weapon skill.



ah, the last two responses kind'a validate my ideas. Didn't know about the equation, but good to know. THANKS.