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Archives » Yellow Arrows in NPC Inventory
Year 14 Day 12 13:58
Noob questions here:

What does the two yellow arrows in the npc inventory mean? It seems to be new? Or I just didn't notice it before? The other symbols there have an explanation when you hover over them but the arrows don't.


Year 14 Day 12 14:15
Means they're moving around.

Are they assigned to someone who told them to patrol maybe?


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Year 14 Day 12 14:42
Means that those have unassigned skill points. And it is somewhat new.

Edited By: J`dej An`k on Year 14 Day 12 14:43
Year 14 Day 12 15:06
Yeah that was added about a week or two ago to display if your NPCs still have skill points available to allocate. Was supposed to be announced in a sync digest. Maybe was overlooked. |:



Year 14 Day 12 20:23
Ah that explains it. At first I thought it was to indicate they were moving as well, but I noticed it was on ones that are inside a station so I knew they couldn't be moving. Thanks for clearing that up!