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Year 14 Day 15 14:53
I have not been on in a hell of a longtime, but like a bad smell I am back.

1, None of my properties have been colleting money for sometime; they are not in debt and I cannot see a reason why they have not been racking in dosh. Is it an activity thing? Or has shielding finally put pay to my amibitions of being a property magnate?

2, My skill points have all been removed and I seem to be able to set them all again. I don't mind redoing them all, (who would not want a second chance in life?) is this a bug or by design?

Thank you all for your time...

Year 14 Day 15 15:30
#1 - if the operator was inactive, facils do not make credits... that's likely the answer, although also check the rest of the rules (open to all, etc.)

#2 - there was a 'global' skill reset a few months back as they re-did all the R&D skills and a few others, as well. so yes, that's normal.


Year 14 Day 15 15:37
Kuro Necko was my guy, suppose he aint around no more...

Thanks for the info!

Year 14 Day 15 17:28
Tabty Haasza

Kuro Neko is still active, still has a Trading 5, and still manages all of my facilities.

That being said, you haven't received income because YOU have been inactive. Yes, YOU as the manager have to be active in order to collect the facility income.

The facility must have a manager. If the manager is a player, he or she must be active. Note that some facilities require that the manager be a faction of a certain type (see Section 4).

- The Rules


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Year 14 Day 16 2:44
What is active? Log in once a week, once a day or once a month?

Not moaning, just interested.

Year 14 Day 16 3:26
Xakic Jix

once a week from what i have seen



Year 14 Day 16 3:59
Indeed, being active means you logged in within the last 7 days. For income, that means you'd only have to log in the day before FI ran to get the income.


Year 14 Day 17 9:30
Kuro Neko

Manager and operator must both be active (i.e. recent log in) for the Manager to get the FI.

I still operate and I don't think I've ever gone inactive since I started in Year 7.


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Year 14 Day 17 15:49
I'm not entirely sure that's something to brag about, Kuro. >_>