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Year 14 Day 18 16:42
Helena Gladio

hi there, i wanted to ask: when a mine extracts, cost for that are deducted, but also 5% tax is deducted. Wasn't it so that costs for the extraction was deducted and the 5% tax went to the planet controller?

I now pay 105% every time, and no income is generated from the extraction costs?



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Year 14 Day 18 17:43
Tax goes to the planet controller, only when it is a government faction.


Year 14 Day 19 13:28
2.3/ Collecting taxes from a planet's economic activities « Back To Top
In many operational operations or transactions happening on a planet (mining, prospecting, construction...), there is a cost part due to the planetary tax level. This fee is not lost. If the planet is controlled by a faction, this fee is automatically transferred to that faction, even if it is not a government-type faction.

- Government Rules Page

Either a bug or the rules need updating.

Year 14 Day 19 15:46
Helena Gladio

Yes. That. And so was it in the past. Since an undeclosed time the extraction costs, lets say 100.000 is deducted, and then taxes of 5% is deducted.

In the past the 100.000 was deducted and 5.000 came in the factions' bankaccount wich controlled the planet?



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 14 Day 20 6:20
Loftano Drak

When its a non-government, it goes into darkness as it were.


Just to clarify the point, the miner gets charged direct cost of mining, while the tax portion is sent to the "Tax Administrator" or [Government]. Its two separate payments made upon successful mining events. The cost is still influenced by the tax rate, so broadly its within the 100% of the cost of extraction, with tax taken out as part of the process, so cost paid is [100% - Tax] and then Tax paid separately. Not [100% + Tax].

Production should have the same effect I believe.

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