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Year 14 Day 21 22:28
So, I was just going around the forums, and I was at the race area, and I saw that some races are banned because they are extinct. But they are only extinct in cannon. So I was wondering, why make something extinct for Cannon star wars, when Combine in uncannon? Sure, some of the races shouldn't be played, like the Sith, since they are highly force sensitive, but what of the others that say "Extinct"?

Year 14 Day 21 23:13
Well, it is an executive decision for the game to remain canon up until around the time everyone from Episode 1 was born. This way, we can enjoy making our own Star Wars stories and characters without having to rewrite all of galactic history. The Republic formed, the Mandalorian Wars and Ruusan Reformation both happened (just to name a few major historical events), and all the species that have gone extinct by Episode 1 are dead. It is a lot easier to get into the game and its history by having it diverge from canon only recently (speaking in IC galactic terms, of course). It would be weird to see a Rakata or a Taung knowing that they have been extinct for thousands of years; "How could galactic history have changed that much?!?" one might exclaim in despair and then be miserable from curiosity and confusion for the few days that they play the game before throwing their computer out a window in exasperation and leaving the Combine forever. While this is obviously a drastic and exaggerated example, it still maintains the point that it is easier to get into a Star Wars game if there is at least some relation to pre-established Star Wars stuffs.

Plus, people generally like Star Wars history up until Episode 1 came along, so there's that too.

As well, the Alderaanians are a race whenever they should be "extinct" in canon, so there you go!


Year 14 Day 22 0:31
In addition to all of that:

A cannon is a large piece of artillery that uses gunpowder to shoot projectiles. "Canon" is a term referring to a body of rules or principles governing a particular field (the canon of the Catholic Church, or, more apropos, Star Wars canon).

Year 14 Day 22 1:54
Well, since SWC is based just before E IV, any races/planets that were wiped out obviously no longer exist, and so cannot be suggested.


Year 14 Day 29 12:12
What about a race being presumed extinct and later found to be alive on a remote world. A few races have done that in SW canon. If they show up again in canon would they be allowable in combine.

Say yes and I will start a petition to Disney to include a lost Taung world as a plot point in Episode 7. Although I might do that anyway we need more Mandalorians in the movies.


Year 14 Day 29 12:53
You need reliable sources and images.
And in reference to game balance, the race must have pros and cons.

(And no one hinders you to roleplay a descendent of an extinct race.)


Year 14 Day 29 19:57
Also, Alderanians aren't extinct in our timeline, even if their planet did get ka-powed. In both our canon and official canon, there are survivors who were offworld at the time. In official canon, they eventually form a colony and call in New Alderan in fact.


Year 14 Day 29 20:03
Planet Alderaan didn't get kapow'd here at all, in fact, since our timeline starts before the movies.