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Year 14 Day 23 15:44

Is falsifying IRC logs against combine rules?

A player pretended they are a allied factions intel agent. They fed player Y fake information, and also completely made up fake logs between two players. The fake intel was supposed to get player Y to kill their own faction members, even though they are completely false. Is this against the rules, or completely legal?

Year 14 Day 23 15:50
Tabty Haasza

As long as they were being themselves and not actually pretending to be someone else...

You may not impersonate a member of the Combine for any reason. This means you may not pretend to be another member over any communication mediums such as e-mail, IRC, message boards, MSN, etc. 

If they were being themselves and just lying about the member/situation/circumstance, I believe it would fall under:

You may spread either true or false information about any member, group, or faction (including yourself) for any reason. For example, propaganda turning a military defeat into a victory, or lying about the actions of another member. 

You can read more about spying here: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Spying


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Year 14 Day 23 15:53

It was logs between two completely different players. I confirmed they were fake, and even one of the people that was in the conversation admitted they were fake. It was all a big plot between them all.. Its complicated :(

Year 14 Day 24 0:58
Sounds legal, unless they were using someone else's nick, or as Tabty suggested, in any way pretending to be an existing character in SWC other than their own. Lying about your affiliation is fine, as is inventing fake logs that don't violate any other rules.

Edit: with the hopefully obvious exception that faking logs for OOC administrative purposes (i.e. lying to the admins) is never okay, but that's not related to this, it would seem.

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