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Year 14 Day 24 5:15
A little bird once told me that it's possible to add your own custom planet images, presumably that would show up in the inventory and inside the galaxy map index an so on. Also I heard that it's possible to change the backdrop image of a controlled system. Is this right? and how would you go about doing it I wonder??

Year 14 Day 24 5:30
Yes. You get the images made in the appropiate formats, and then make a new thread in the Art forum giving the planet/system ids for them. Once the planet/system owner has confirmed that its ok, the art team will upload as soon as possible.


Year 14 Day 24 5:53
That was a faster than expected reply!!

Thanks Ellias. I think I've just had a vision of the future... it's me drawing lots of sexy planets! ;p

Year 14 Day 24 13:04
Obviously, though, you have to control the planets or have the permission of the leader of the planet's controlling faction.

Year 14 Day 25 0:23
Shobba Pau

Any chance of having custom art applied to an uncontrolled system?

Hook Nebula, for example has six suns and no planets. It will always remain "uncontrolled".


photo avnew1.png
Six Stars is not enough...
Year 14 Day 25 0:34
Likely it would then fall under the jurisdiction of the sector controller.


Year 14 Day 25 10:09
Shobba Pau

No one will control the sector either.. the only system in the sector is Hook Nebula.. I am pretty sure there are no plans to change that.


photo avnew1.png
Six Stars is not enough...
Year 14 Day 26 6:39

Art team or an admin can/will accept/decline in the case of a Darkness/None system I guess.


Year 14 Day 28 0:32
If someone wants to submit images for it, I doubt any admins will have a problem with me uploading images for it.