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Year 14 Day 25 7:08
Aarm Killdarn

Everyone knows that shipyard can share their stock of Raw Material to shipyards around him when it is used for production.

I'm curious did someone find out how Material is picked to be used in production, is it by the size, name or it favours Material that is in shipyard that does production over surrounding shipyards?

Year 14 Day 25 9:16
Jake Peterson

Its the ID of the raw material piles. :)
The production uses the piles with the oldest ID. ;)

Year 14 Day 26 8:09
Aarm Killdarn

Thank you very much Mr. Peterson :)

Nope, not working like that :(

Edited By: Aarm Killdarn on Year 14 Day 40 1:21
Year 14 Day 44 4:12
Jake Peterson

It isn't?! The rules have changed? o_O

Year 14 Day 44 13:58
Xakic Jix

nvm i was wrong :P

Edited By: Xakic Jix on Year 14 Day 44 13:59


Year 14 Day 61 14:56
Aarm Killdarn

Materials meeting these conditions then need to be selected for use in production at the facility/station. There are two ways this can be done.

Inventory: The Raw Materials inventory has a 'Mark For Usage' option that allows the assignment of materials to facilities and stations owned by you or your faction and meeting the location requirements listed above.

Production Interface: The interface has a 'Materials' window that displays a list of all available and selected materials for the facility/station and allows selecting or unselecting them.

Those available materials that are selected are then used in the materials counter on the 'Add' window and when starting production. Materials in the facility/station doing the production are used before materials elsewhere.  

From rules, waiting for some future sync?